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Bulanda Review : 1:100 Gundam truck model for 15mm

I was wanting this thing in 15mm since i saw 1:35 model of it.
I have to admit that I am not a fan of most of the Gundams, and giant fighting robots in space genre eludes me a little (except CBT mechs but thats other story) But there are certain pieces of kit in 1:100 scale released to accomplish the Robotech and Macross line that are good fit.
Those hover trucks are ones i like the most. So when i saw them on ebay i grabbed ste. They weren't cheap but with shipping come close to battlefront proces per model. Thats acceptable for such coolness.
Models are made from soft (but not gummy) good quality plastic, and are snap fits, but certain filigree detail would benefit from gluing (turret parts, smoke launchers and mirrors).
But man.. what the detail it have !!!! Did I mention Mirrors (and they are not just flats)!!!

It could be built in 3 configurations, basic open toped, comand and comunication center (that boxy thing) and with closed tilt.
Also there is extra rocket part - that i fail to recognize what it does (it looks like its shooting rocket into the ground  -ahhh after research - that ground sonar thingy). And nice comm antenna 

Second model from the set is identical but differ in color. Its yellow. (and have visible tilt)
Quite strangely to me, but apparently in line with this kind of models they poses movable parts.

Front and rear ramp could be lowered. It might get some use but not to me really, but they are quite solid so shouldn't be falling apart.

Tomorrow next batch of photos with scale comparison to different kinds of miniatures !!
Teaser shot:

Forgotten components and bottom side

 This is mounting for antenna when its deployed  (i love such attention to the detail.. most of tank models in 1:100 lack this element for the barrel..)
And did i mention mirrors ??

+ some source material:

4 komentarze:

  1. A great looking model.

    Thank you for sharing the info.


  2. My pleasure.. although I am a little scared you guys will bought all from the market :)

    And i want more next month :)

  3. Bardzo ładne. Nie ma wersji lepiej dozbrojonej? Bo żeby zainwestować w to musiałbym mieć wersję z czymś mocniejszym niż km...

  4. Nie, To transportowiec.

    Uzbrojone ma pewnie do zestawu gundamy :>


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