wtorek, 22 lipca 2014

Sassanian Late Assaviras conversion

Ive decided I want to try a conversion with my spare Sassanian base and try to make them look like Taq Bostan relief thats frankly made me wan to collect Sassanians in the first place. So I started to sculpt, quite happy with the results (although far from perfect i learned a lot sculpting) i decided to finish a base with similar armored knights but of somewhat lesser statue. And i sculpted two more inspired by Osprey paintings by Angus McBride.

So here are mine first take on them:

Ive decided to add standard bearer as relief depicts Sassanian royalty so this base will be some kind of command element

Base so far

Base models were Lurkio later Sassanian Cavalry.

5 komentarzy:

  1. Cool! Nice work with the putty, sir.

  2. Thanks Jay

    Worst thing is chainmail in 15mm.
    I did not found a convincing method yet.
    So i use simple one :>

  3. A jajaj... Świetnie wyszły te konwersje.
    Łuki radzę robić z drutu.

    1. dzięki, pewnie by się przydało zrobić kołczan i łubie z łukiem porządne i kopiować.
      Drutem chyba za słabo operuje na takie wygięte kształty i płaskość, choć zapewne masz racje, że drucik i GS byłyby najlepsze.


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