środa, 30 lipca 2014

Under the hive

Ive finished two more chain gangers and mutants Scavvie gang for Necromunda (that will serve as undercity - dregs Slaneshian cult  r in my Slaneshian Cults of the sector project)

Those guys will make a Scavvy gang that I hope one day to expand to Scavvy and Chain ganger gang - band of psycho prisoners on the run.
Styx Chain ganger with rusty autogun is a real psychopath.is a makeshift sniper

..and Fimm - Cyclopean mutant with blunderbuss manages actualy to hit something :)

After painting they will join
Wyrdish psyker witch Rho that double for a Slaneshian sorceress cult leader- and is still WIP.

Base of the conversion for all 4 male cultist are Mantic ghouls with extra parts and some sculpting.

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