czwartek, 17 września 2015

Intermission.. Why you should never let Indars models inside..

My computer crashed.. and it took with him a lot of materials.. so My blog was on small hiatus for two months.. It will reassume shortly, but now this dramatic intermission..

Never let inside your house models belonging to Indar..
And thats why

 This package didn't look suspicious at first..

 But then.. when lights went out tonight, something started to crawl from the inside !!!
 They spread like infestation...
 And found vodka i use for cleaning my brushes !!
 Oh what those dastardly miniatures will do next !!

 And the hell broke..

 First they molested local girls..
 Then beaten senseless all local animals..

I have to go World War 1 on the bastards to contain the problem..


Never let inside models belonging to Indar..never..

8 komentarzy:

  1. Szorować cały dom z wybielaczem! (I hope my translator got that right)

  2. "I swear, Honey! These miniatures drunk vodka and made this whole mess!"

    1. Vodka is in surplus in my appartament, but worst thing than drinking.. those bastards spilled it on the floor :>
      I had to clean the smell..

  3. Goździki... Mmm.... wspomnienia... :D

    1. Kobietom należy dawać kwiaty + moja zona ma do nich słabość..

      Nie popadaj w melancholię :P

  4. Those are diabolical puppets .. of satan..



  5. [Indar] At least they know what to do with vodka. :)


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