czwartek, 24 września 2015

Pumpkin flavored field

My inspiration of late is Malifaux, i really dig its dark but funny cliche atmosphere, I was struck lately with the lack of horror themed terrain. Fast remedy you can see here (second more funeral part soon). Here is my Sinister pumpkin field - i have to confess that i come up with this idea remembering old computer horror game in Point and click adventure genre I played around 2000 (i completely cannot remember its title now, but great and scary pumpkin field and its weeds made great atmosphere i remember d until today (go figure)

So here is my Sinister Pumpkin Field

3 elements that should give sparse Pumpkin field (I've got 4 loose pumpkin as an obstacles too). More of climatic background than difficult terrain, but hey is give light cover and could impede movement. 
And here is lovely (if not lively unfortunate) assistant zombie prostitute Magdalene
Say hello to Maggie (and don't you dare ever say tell her its from maggots) My first finished Malifaux miniature (she lack yet a few touches on the base and around but really minor details)

Houpfully I will post In action photos of my Sinister Pumpkin field because there is a rumor that vile gremlins will come to steal my pumpkins..

That is very shaky photo from the first visit (Pumpkin were defended but barely !!!)

See you soon maggot Maggie!

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