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Zombies happen..

After my first game of Malifaux we saw a serious flaw in my miniatures collection.. Zombies.. I procured body counters, but they did not stay stiff for long.. Nicodem like them restless and moving.

It happened that my friend had box of Wargames factory zombies lying around that he generously decided to lease to help further Resurectionist case (nice thing to do for a vile Gremlin he is)

The models themselves are.. somewhat lacking.. Seriously if you want good looking zombies to roam your tables avoid them.. But if you need cheap and easily paintable zombies to make a bulk of the horde, or you want to convert all of them then you may take you chance with them, just don't say I haven't warned you :P  Oh and they are on the smallish (25mm to 28 old school) side. And they are very uneven. Thay have some sharp details and yet they have areas of worst casting Ive seen in plastic miniatures. Strange mix and I have mixed feelings about them.
As a stop gap measure before I will get much nicer Victorian zombies from West Wind they will work great.

So after this not very informative review here are my 6 Wargames factory zombies (with extra 3 hats from greenstuff that I havent put enough time into - but i needed them fast). Next 6 will be fully converted and I will see what can be salvaged from this set.
But for now fast and dirty zombies
I won't spoil the effect with detailed photos.


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