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Girls in the Hive

After long and bloody campaign depicting hilarious struggle of Delaque Dark Dervishes so inept to be renamed as Clowns vs ratskin menace we decided to spice up our campaign with addition of new blood.
This should motivate me to paint some Necromunda stuff.

As we are gaming very rarely (once a month at best) we decided to start with little bit of experience to spice games up, sometimes you could play two or three games without any advances if you are unlucky (thats 4 possible months for us!)
I created two gangs so far. One is  Barbie Black - Eshers, Second Orlock (Ive newer played them) which are cool but a bit bland so i called them simply Bad Boys. As I tend to add nicknames or completely overhaul my gang image (Dervishes to Clowns) based on performance and narrative, we will see where it takes BarbiesBlack and Bad Boys :)
We decided to upp starting experience by one level and roll one advancement for each member, with balancing rule that Leader and heavies could only get skill, not stat boost (+1 BS on any of them would be too powerful for any of them..

So here are my Esher remade so ready so far:

But Damn i have only 3 finished.., of them only Marija the Fixeress with shotgun and Cleopatra extra tough close combater made the list. I had to downgrade Paris from boltgun to lasgun to fit her in, and speed up my work on her boltgun armed version..
And Autogunner, well she is finished but i will be using other autogunner in my gang as I am not to fond of her pose.

Then comes Gaga!
Still somewhat WIPy (before face touches and last wash of black) but almost ready, but she should have flamer in place of Boltgun. Her Modestly, more punk haircut and flamer wielding version is very very WIP..
I haven't decided if i will use her as flamergirl or downgrade to boltgun.

Then comes Juves, I will use pair- Mara and Mona, autopistol and sword duellists.

I count her pipe as sword, I am not normally picky about WISIWIG because i love these classic Necromunda miniatures and collect them, so i cut only spares.

Then comes rest in more WIP state of  work.
Here are WIPS of Flamrin Lola - weapon smith, Mariposa -deadly plasmagunner that invents stuff, Calypso - WS4 boltpistol and sword mistress, Chica autogunner, and one extra ganger.

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