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Its scavvy world

Today different taste of The Underhive!
Bad taste, and somewhat smelly!
I started my Scavvies when GW released LostandtheDamned set around Eye of terror campaign. It consisted of Catachan, Zombie, Ork and mutation sprues in an unholy mutant/traitor making combo. Bot surprisingly my first Scavvies were(an still are) made of theses components. To this time Ive finished to good standard and painted only those two fellows.
They were then base for trying and working up how to paint metal Scavvies Ive acquired many years later.
Here is what Ive got painted so far (baseles because I haven't figuret how to base them Underhivy but Scavvy yet:
Two heavier armed Scavvies from box set

Then Two of lighter armed types

I think that they are much unappreciated models, and they are full of nasty character and great looking models that passed test of time (Second generation scavvies ar much simpler and without these quirks and personalities - just bland). Detail is great on them !

Then still yet in WIP stage Scavvy Bosses
What strikes me most is how great are these unhealthy faces.. Colin Dixon who sculpted them back in the day made really great job in personalizing and in making them just well scavvy :) Boses are epitome of that, especially one with Lance Hendricksen like fallen cheeks.

And in the end family photo

Unwashed boys looking for action..
They will be retinue of mentioned Mutant king Awixos

When mothers  in the Underhive want to scare their children when they behave in bad way  they tell them that Awixos will come and eat them.. Sometimes that sadly the truth ..

4 komentarze:

  1. Swietni. Bardzo podoba mi sie scavvy z pierwszego zdjęcia, skóra wyglada bardzo realistycznie. Fajna rdza. Tego kolesia z kubraczkiem maźniętym Thrakka Green to bym przemalował, zbyt jaskrawy jest.

  2. Na żywca nie jest taki jasny, niestety mój skill i aparat nie pozwalają na zwykłe fotki i kolory są prześwietlone.

  3. Wyglądają świetnie. A jak ich zapodstawkujesz?

    1. Heh Umpapo ale odgrzebujesz starocie.

      Przyznam, że jeszcze nie wiem.. Nadal są czarne.. :(


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