piątek, 17 sierpnia 2012

New GW Necromunda release ? Update with all the miniatures ,Cultist leaked at last

At last someone leaked pics from new 40 K starter..

For a Necromunda fan they will be a treat !
Unfortunately picture is weak but i will try to update it when new will show up.

What we see is nice legs, cool head, but easy to cut off, nice 40k tubes, I would like to know how they end on the back.

Never the less great conversion potential. They are models that will be seen aroundUnderhive in a plenty.. Especialy since we know there are autopistol/CCW armed options too, and flamer/stubber heavy to boot!!

Its like Necromunda release really..
Autogun itself is worth it :>

Rest of them is least necromundy but very detailed and intresting too


Weak link Dark Angels, but i heard Bikers and terminators are better.
And Up with rest of DA.. yup Terminators are sexier than bland marines squad but CUltist and Chaos blokes are stars of this set..

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