środa, 8 sierpnia 2012

Necromunda follow Up

Fast and dirty WIPs of what I am working on now
First Bad Boys Orlock gang to match Eschers..
Soon to be eeer more painted - with another Escher update.

Then Cultist and Witch

She is Fimo sculpted and finished with Demonette nad DE parts (and mantic ghoul open hand). Cultist is almost pure Mantic ghoul with laspistol and chain. These Ghouls are Ok models, but overal nothing spectacular as minis but have great hunched poses for conversion work and best plastic open hands Ive ewer saw.. They are worth buy just to get hands alone..

Some work on ever threating menace of Scavvy king Awixos and his witch animal

And three =I=28mm pieces: Inquisitor, Crusader (stock minis) and Huntress

Inquisitor is stock Torquemada. I love this miniature (well maybe giant bird not so much) but its just too cool to cut him for parts so here comes a Bird. I will have to get another one and convert, because body is just great. Crusader is another great sculpt. I will do some Crusaders from scrach for sure, but again model itself is great in its metal glory..and i will have to buy one to get second variant which just got finecasted and repackaged in twinpack -what make it price decrease!)
And Huntress. She was made as Bounty hunter but  I think she will work better as =I=28mm character better. Her beautifull body is Epic Scarre from Warmachine with DEsword and net.

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