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Sinister Duchessa and the Cults acros the sector..

When I've been looking through 40K  cultist troops in the net I realized that vast majority of them is worshiping Nurgle. Small part are Khorne worshipers and.. thats it.. Slaneshian and Tzeenchian cults are countable on the fingers of one hand..
That did make me sad as Slanesh is me favorite chaos deity. I decided to change it :)

Most important factor probably is that Forge world is pumping great models for Nurgle and undivided with Khorne twist cultist all the time.. but there is no single model for Slaneshian cultist. Of course you could paint generic cultist ping and say they are worshipers of Slanesh but (and some people did that ) but where is the fun in that ?! Until FW wil do something i have to act on my own so i devised cunning plan to try and make visually different kinds of Slanesh cultist. From the top parts of Hive city Spire, to the bottoms of underhive and rebellious battlefields in between!

And thats the origin of Sinister Duchessa and her Menagerie.. While Duchessa is finished and need painting done and base, rest of her cult is still in the early stages of building.

I plan to use her in Necromunda and =I=28 gaming as opposition to my Inquisition warbands.

Here is WIP to the miniature during sculpting:
She started her life as bow I made to test my Cernit material, and as you can see her bow found place on her.. back :>

Here is small intro to my WIP Undercity Twist Slaneshian cult:

And seen before Slaneshian generic battlefield cultist:

And member of the elite cultist Traitor infantry squad

So who is mysterious Sinister Duchessa ? She is mysterious figure that lead and coordinates Slaneshian cultist activity in all orlds of the region!
Remember her name as you will be hearing about her in the future !

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