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Blood Bowl!

My  late discovery (well not so late perhaps as I was given free steam code for BB computer game and love it from here but late tablewise) and love.

Blood Bowl the game.. 2016 edition (but its almost perfect port of previous Living rulebook rules - ie 3rd edition Blood Bowl game with refinements that brought it almost to perfection.
But what Blood Bowl lacked in was miniatures.. Lets be honest old BB models have some charm but are not too atractibve by modern standard of miniature gaming.. Ohh how fat with great models we had grown :)
But 2016 re edition set comes with two insanely good teams - Human (Human- most boring team with unimaginative models in existence is very cool now and usable in many conversions in Inquisimunda :O and perfect Orcs! And they are in glorious plastic.. Only minor gripe I have with them is bad position composition of the box team - to play them at optimal build you need two team sets. Team consist of 11-16 models so you have 8 models that you can only use in conversion if you buy 2 sets for each team with humans and Orcs (6 linemen and 2 throwers both). That can be somehow remedied by conversion but is quite annoying never the less.. but thats GW evilness I guess (they are totally different and almost fancentric company since latest Warhammer community team restart after Kirbys departure from the company but still evil greedy corporation from hell).
Dwarf team soon followed the initial release (meeeeeh) but then after some time here they came.. My favorite SKAVEN!! Both in plastic and wit annoying lacks again but heeeeey thats why I hoard such bitsy box :P Lats  month another plastic team arrived - Goblins - but it have more issues.. complete lack of positional players - they were released by very uninspiring Forge World models only and not all of the needed set..

I was always moving BB buy in time despite securing plastic Rat Ogre for my then future Skaven team (Rat ogre is made by Forge World only and is again quite uninspiring) but lately my friend bought Box as impulse buy and we gave it a try.. What a bloody fun. I havent been really excited by miniature games in 20 years.. Real emotions real stress.. welcome to Blood Bowl ;P
I will do blog note with my team when I will finish them. But here are some photos of the half painted ratties in action

I lost my first Threematch cup to those pesky Orcs - Yellows Pruszków..

But my poor Szczurkan Kosaczew played underpointed (I did silly mistake and was short of a rerroll.. yea that the fault of it!!)

And I am thirsty for revenge!!

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