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Tie Defender of the First Order

Lately most of my gaming was X-wing miniatures game. Great little game that I actually liked to play in tournaments (and I was keeping distance from such way of playing games for many years as I believe it does not suit well most of the miniature games - especially ones I used to play)
But X-Wing is different, demanding, close and more similar to card game in the way your brains operate than normal tabletop wargame. It wont be everyone cup of tea but its worth giving a try...
Especially those painting-challanged as the miniatures tor X-Wing are pre paints (and very good pre paints they are)

Anyway back to topic. Here is my first attempt into repainting X-wing miniatures as sombody used to painting will want to put a mark on any miniatures he use :P
I recently fly squadron of two new order Ties (They are in a scheme from the new movie so have reversed colours) and my favorite Imperial ship Tie Defender - which comes in either dark grey or red paint schemes. I wanted to unite squadron and differentiate Defenders (as I like to flow them in Three Deffender squadron which makes for two greys and one red ships)

This was not very easy as the ship is basically made of almost flat panels separated by deep but small beams that ought to be black.. White was easy as I spraypainted panels white and gave some highlights in more white. But the beams were pain in the ass (to be honest they should be retouched in few places but Its playable for now). I am ok with how it went although next time some cooler ship with easier details.

He fits very good with First Order Ties IMHO

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