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Necromunda 2017 looks to be a great year for GW

After 20 years GW decided to go full Necromunda..
Shadow War Armageddon was great game despite being splash sale product to fund terrain tooling :)
But Whole new Necromunda Edition with new miniatures ? Hell yess..

While models themselves seam to be painted and photographed to a lover standard than GW used to do.. I love them

Starter set will have Escher and Goliath gangs.. Escher are my first gang and all time favorite.. I hated Goliath - mostly because of silly over muscling and bad models in original starter set bot later learned to appreciate their campiness..  Those Eschers fits nice style vise with Jess Goodwin masterpieces but Goliath are much more brutish and serious than Glam bodybuilders wasteland nomads of the 80 ties - of the past. I like them very much and they will fund myriad of uses in Inquisimunda.

And promo flyer as extra bonus
Game itself will be based on 8 edition but with full stat line.
That means simplified close combat. Unnecessary IMHO.
One thing they mention that is interesting is Model based activation.
IGOUGO is worst element of Necromunda - unattractive in skirmish gaming. Vague info about activation roll and Leader making activating easier (either influencing the roll or allowing multiple activation Frostgrave style) is not enough to decide if it will make game better or worse.. But activation is one thing I am experimenting with houserules (lately with card activation).

Time will show.

Anyway.. If the game itself will be unfunny.. We will play my beloved Necromunda. Either Original first or Community. But the miniatures will make wonders for Necromunda renaissance!

2 komentarze:

  1. Fajnie, że coś w sprawie Necro rusza, ale modele imho totalnie bezjajeczne w porównaniu do starych...

  2. Mi się bardzo podobają mimo przemieśnionych nóg Escherskich. Goliaci to IMHO mega zestaw, Escherki zobaczymy ale same stopy na obcasie sa na wagę złota bo obcasy wiarygodne trudno zrobić.

    na pewno Goliaci będą mieli masę więcej zastosowań poza gangowymi, na dzień dobry srodzy kultyści to są :P


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