sobota, 12 sierpnia 2017

Dark Templars from Primaris marines

Since my last post a big bomb struck WH 40k community. 8 edition. While the game itself is of no interest to me.. New starter set Dark Imperium was...
 Ive bought it on the day of premiere due to great models inside.. And started to play with Primaris marines and Poxwalkers :P What a beauties they are :O
Here are my 3 truescale / artscale Black Templars made from Primaris.

I struggled how to make them more Templar at first, apart from the paintjob. After carefully looking at BT miniatures and art I went with chains, emblems at the sides of the chests and to spice some extra grimdark candles and torch in iron ring on the sergeant

Those guys will be heavy contingent for Ordo Hereticus Inquisitor yet to be named. I am doing some kind of military arm to each of my planned Inqisitorial retinue and Templars somehow fit perfect with witch hunting and heresy purging :>

I will add some more photos when I will manage to photograph them better. Somehow those guys just dont like to be photographed :)
Interesting observation.. Sergeant photographed much better before painting.

And this guy just needs chains to be called ready for painting

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