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January - Mutant Awareness Month!

January was a mutant month for me.  I acquired cheap Hobbit Goblins at last. I was planing using them as mutants for ages. They never looked to Goblin to me, but scream Mutants!

Seriously mutated bunch..I guess most mutated miniatures GW ever did..
(BTW:I would kill for them in proper 28mm. They are needed second only to Slanagors in plastic)
Mine were second hand and badly painted. But they were already stripped and I didn't care about perfect detail in the places that paint stuck as they are unwashed mutants after all.. and they costed 1/4 of their original price, all 18 of them sans 2 bases. Good price if you ask me.
I wanted them for a filler in games (scavenging in some holes as background) and as lesser enemy for practically anyone. They could work as coerced or bribed  labor or warriors for some unscrupolous master.. no difference for them if they are needed as King Redwart followers,  as diggers looking for PKBtron or as blunt force needed to bring Fallburgh to its knees...

After few days of work I painted test one and The Indifferent Mutants were born.
(Indifferent as opposed to Mutants dedicated to any higher powers like Slaanesh that my main Mutant mob is dedicated. Those guys are non-aligned and murderous for survival and mutant low minded cunning and cruelty)

Here test Indifferent Mutant is posing with Slaaneshian cutthroat mutant (coming soon).

Satisfied with the result I painted few of his friends as produced and started to work on converting some others


Then I realized that they are to degenerate and has to weak posture to pose danger to armed bands. So I did what I was planing for a long time. I disenchant some Plagueberers and turned them into bigger mutants.
Starting with Violetta - Mutant mother


Violetta is mother of large brood of filthy degenerate mutants, she is accompanied by some of her youngest offspring wherever she goes. She drags with her one of the happy fathers of her flock.
I need to do few small basses of her offspring to follow. And Mutant king of the Sulphur Forest.
For now I started to work on few more smallish mutants (with light river theme) and some bigger guys and gal -  another female carrying her  mutant offspring in the kangaroo style hole in her belly :)

Finally I finished work on a yet nameless Heroine for My Slaaneshian Slavers Mutant Mob

I will post update with guest star Slaanaeshian Mutant and few more soon.

I am creating new tag - Patalonia - Patalonia is a forsaken Feudal World I decided to work as a idee fixe of my techno-fantasy styled models (Akin to great project of Outgard - go and google it if you don't know it yet) Not surprisingly Sulphur Forest is located on Patalonia west from the Great Green River and close to the city of Fallburgh.

Finally - Violetta little family photo

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  1. Super mutanty :), a slangor w pytę ;).

    1. Dzieki!
      Tylko, by sie pomalował tak by było widac wszystkie datela :)


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