wtorek, 31 stycznia 2017

Patalonia the Forgotten World

As I mentioned in the earlier posting I was very Inspired by Outgard project that was/is running bu few very talented individuals mostly from Scandinavian countries and decided to gather my Outgard Inspired stuff into my personal mini project.  I wanted something similar that could combine many different groups of my miniatures into one middle ages after fall of the civilization post apocalyptic setting. And that how without much thought put into it world of Patalonia was born.

A world fallen but not quite forgotten. World that is visited each time in the decade by Black ship Crimson Angelus - great event that prompts all Patalonians to organize witch hunts for quota of psykers needed to be sacrificed to ever hungry spirit in the sky. Due to collapse of the industrial civilization on the planet tithe is nominal and gathered very rarely, but chartist captains are visiting the world regularly around every other year bringing industrial produce of closest Hive World Anubis removed by 3 months void travell.
Those two great events in the world of the planet are happening in the Old Starport - mostly ruined last stand of civilization of  Man on the planet.

Here travel riverrine convoys of Black Steamships and Free Oarsmen Brotherhoods from the Fellburgh in the west by means of Great Green River and from the east by Great Eastern Railway last heavily armored trains from Stahlburg.

Fellburgh is the formal capital, and seat of planetary Lord - Count Theodore von Stern. His domain is a former shadow of itself and compromise of 9 Houshold baronies. It is surrounded from all sides by fallen housholds - strongholds of deviants and renegades, witches, warlocks and mutants - enemies of the Man. Further to the east and surrounding Old Starport lies Sulphur wastes - a jungle-swamp desecrated by old industrialization - full  foulest mutants and beasts.
Even more to the east lies Purple Spire.. Long lost hive city which real name is long forgotten. The hellish place is ruled by Count vonStern dark counterpart -dreaded Goat of Darkness... ever plotting the fall of the Man.. Looking hungrily towards Fellburg

2 komentarze:

  1. Brzmi super, tak oldschoolowo - apropos zobacz sobie filmy typu Heavy Metal, Heavy Metal 2000, Fire & Ice czy Wizards Bakshiego. Myślę, że mogą Ci się spodobać.

    Też kiedyś robiłem setting ale pod osr'owego erpega - http://barbaricfrontier.blogspot.com/p/my-barbaric-frontier-sketches.html

  2. Znam :P
    Aczkolwiek nie jestem fanem Bakshiego, mam gdzieś nawet na VHS oryginalnego LOTRa w jego wykonaniu.
    A Heavy metal to jednak nie to trochę.
    Tu to bardziej Salute for the Jugger w połączeniu z Diuną i radioaktywnym post apo + średniowiecze

    Settingów do RPGa zrobiłem z kilkanaście pewnie. Miałem w młodości zacięcie, ale nie było interenetów jeszcze :P

    Ale przy figurkach to zupełnie inna jakość , musi być bardziej wizualny niż opowieściowo-historyczno-społeczny


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