niedziela, 1 stycznia 2017

First post 2017: Caravan moves on

Ive finished lately few pieces started looooooooooooong time ago. First fire in new year - Underhive porters with their strange merchandise - one of pieces for my Underhive Caravan.

As I am in the 40k frenzy now I finished foe more pieces I will show here soon.
And of course I started much more pieces.
I guess I am starting 2 miniatures for 1 I manage to finish.

But I will start a year with finished models. I home I will be able to paint sone soon.

Porters needs some work on the base and they are ready for painting.

Guilder need some pet, not sure if servo skull or some space animal.

Master of the security - Pit Slave needs his most pricey possession - slave girl he won in some Pit fight of the past.

Last guy is porter guide/ hive prospector.

Ive found cool emblem as my guilder organisation mark that the Guilder put on his things.

All finished pieces of Guilder caravan Ive recently finished building. More of them soon.

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