wtorek, 24 stycznia 2017

Saga of ÆWulf vol 5: First Blood

Today mighty ÆWulf will cross his sword with diabollical enemy for the first time.
Kadzik will teach mo to play Lion/Dragon rampant.
He will bring his slightly fantasy Arabi wariors, and I will ride with my Wikings +.
While I finished 4 points of 2 Warriors units , 2 Hearthguard units and Warlord for Saga, composition in X Rampant is quite different so I had to recruit my wives Wulfen (she painted one of them 10 years ago in short spike of interest in painting miniatures, and Ive put some basic colors on the other two that were gathering dust undercoated.

I will have 1 unit of Elite Foot -  ÆWulf himself with his chosen.
Unit of Cunning Greater Warbeast
2 Units of plain Heavy Infantry
And 1 unit of 6 Bidowers/Scouts
and 1 point I dont know what to do with - most probably I will make one unit Hate enemy.

More photos after the battle.

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