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New years eve cadians :)

Last post in 2012 :) Lets hope for a good start in 2013. I have to admit I don't like Cadians that much. They were good models when released but lets face it they are quite uninspiring for Imperial guard when there are beautiful Vostroyans in lamelar armor, uber cool colonial British Praetorians or iconic Steel Legion and Death korps of Krieg.. Cadians are just somewhat uncool and in silly helmets.

But when faced with need for some cool enforcers for =I=28 and bunch of Cadians i decided to paint my first ones (I bought them 10 years ago and they gathered the dust and being cannibalized from time to time :)

They are up armored and have visor front mask added to helmets that make them quite cool. They need few touches but I decided to postpone them since..  one day i fancied some fastpainting and took what was closest.. you guessed it few Cadians :)

I still think that helmets are silly but there is hope for them. I have to add few details, much weathering and make them Inquisitorial stormtroopers.. Chess horsie is obvious nod to Executive outcomes, but it really give  some character to these somewhat bland models  .

Thats how they look together:

And in the end my =I=munda 28 Wichhunter warband in early stages of being WIP
Some info and more work on them soon

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