niedziela, 30 grudnia 2012

Pit Slave Celebrity - Old Crusher

Here is He.  Titan among the men. Crusher Joe known as Old Crusher most successful Pit slave champion from The Pit to The Sump. 10 years straight master of Kosachew !!
He will be part of my Guilder underhive  trade caravan (thats why he is carrying stuff on his back) and after his traitorous rebellion also leader of My pit Slave gang !
he is based on old Goliath plastic, I like this body for its bulk, but its somewhat short.
he is wielding his power claw (pit slave shears) and smoking pipe made from skull of his latest opponent ).Slave girl will counts as his second pit slave weapon chainsaw, when i will use him as Pit Slave boss.

He will have his  trophy slave girl (She is still WIP Warmachine sculpt). I haven't decided where to put her chainsaw, but maybe i will magnetize her to the base and exchange her for eviscerator wielding penitent sister when in Pit Slave bos girl duty)

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